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Stories of the CelticPipes

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Scottish breakfast

Over SchotlandPosted by Peter Mon, January 14, 2013 15:15:43

A Scottish breakfast is a cooked breakfast which contains an assortment of traditional Scottish foods. In Scotland, many inns boast about their Scottish breakfasts, which may be offered with some less traditionally Scottish items like fresh fruit and cold cereal as well. Scottish inns also tend to feature local ingredients, encouraging people to eat Scottish products and to source their food locally, when possible. It is also common to see organic and ethically produced foods in a Scottish breakfast at a high-end inn.

A full Scottish breakfast might include: toast, beans, fried haggis, potato hash, eggs, back bacon, potato scones, fried mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, Lorne sausage, black pudding, oatcakes, kippers, and porridge, although a breakfast with all of these ingredients might be a bit excessive. The breakfast is also typically paired with Scottish dairy products including milk and cream, along with Scottish jams and preserves. It may be served with black tea and orange juice as well.

Toast is a quintessential and therefore not terribly surprising inclusion in a breakfast, with Scottish toast tending to be thick, and often being whole grain as well. Fried beans are often served over toast, and scrambled or poached eggs may be served as well. Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish made with stuffed sheep's stomach, and it may be fried for breakfast to add some crunch and flavor.

Potato hash or wedges is a common feature in breakfasts around the world, and the Scottish also use potatoes in their baked goods, as evidenced by the inclusion of potato scones. Potato scones in Scotland are a bit different than scones in other regions of the world; they may also be called tattie scones, and they are more like soft cakes than scones.

Lorne sausage is a type of sausage which is made in a loaf pan; you may also hear it called “square slice,” while black pudding is a sausage made with blood as well as meat, creating a very dark, rich sausage. Kippers are smoked herring slices, typically very aromatic and flavorful; they can be eaten plain or on toast, and they may be served hot.

As you might imagine, a Scottish breakfast can be very filling, and it is designed to fuel laborers for a busy day in the field. In addition to being on offer at inns, the Scottish breakfast is often included on diner menus, with consumers choosing from a number of options or mixing and matching ingredients to taste.

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