Stories of the CelticPipes

Stories of the CelticPipes

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Piper Kenneth MacKay at Waterloo

Over SchotlandPosted by Peter Wed, January 30, 2013 07:48:35

Piper Kenneth MacKay at Waterloo, June 1815--The 1st Battalion 79th Cameron Highlanders.

"The 1st Battalion 79th Cameron Highlanders was raised by Alan Cameron of Errachtin, 1793, and was known as the 79th Regiment of Foot(Cameronian Volunteers). In 1806, the official name of record was changed and the regiment became the 79th Cameron Highlanders.
The reigment won 15 battle honours and earned special renown in the Napoleonic Wars, especially during the Penisular Campaign and the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

The 79th Cameron Highlanders was one of four regiments of Highlanders requested by the Duke of Wellington for the Battle of Waterloo. On June 16th, 1815, the regiment was at Quatre Bras, where the French infantry and cavalry kept them under constant attack. The Cameron lost half their fighting strength, dead and wounded, in this battle. Wellington's forces left Quatre Bras on the 17th after a miserable night in the fields and proceeded to the area known as Waterloo. They arrived wet, hungry and tired after their long march in time to face the French again. At a very critical moment during this battle,as the regiment formed a square to repel the French cavalry, an astonishing event took place. Piper Kenneth MacKay stepped outside the square and played the ancient rallying tune (pibroch) "Cogadh no Sith" (War or Peace). By nightfall the Great Army of Napoleon had been destroyed. "

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