Stories of the CelticPipes

Stories of the CelticPipes

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Mairi' s wedding

Song lyricsPosted by Peter Sat, January 31, 2015 13:26:47


Step we gaily on we go

Heel for heel and toe for toe

Arm in arm and row and row

All for Mairi' s wedding

Over hill-way up and down

Myrtle green and bracken brown

Past the shieling through the town

All for Mairi's wedding


Plenty herring plenty meal

Plenty peat tae fill her creel

Plenty bonny bairns as weel

That's the toast for Mairi


Cheeks as bright as rowans are

Brighter far than any star

Fairest of them all by far is my darling Mairi


Over hill-ways up and down

Myrtle green and bracken brown

Past the sheiling through the town

All for sake of Mairi


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