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Stories of the CelticPipes

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Over SchotlandPosted by Peter Wed, February 25, 2015 11:12:36
Have you ever been to Culloden Moor
Have you heard the horrible stifled snore
Of the Jacobite clans who lie there?
Sleeping softly, in mass graves everywhere....
Desperate they died for a gallant cause,
To restore the Stuarts to ALBA's shores.
The Butcher Cumberland slew the wounded where they lay,
Aye, it was surely a terrible day,
When lowlanders fought the highlanders...
The harsh Hannovian showed no pity
To the wee brave clans who did their duty.
As they lay dead on Culloden Moor
Crows clustered to devour them, rich and poor,
Then the Prince departed without a care:
Leaving his clansmen in total despair.
They served their Prince with courage; gave their all,
They will never age on Culloden Moor.

By Clive MacKenzie Richards

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